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What outfit to wear on your first Badoo date


What outfit to wear on your first Badoo date
Today I am going to help you with the difficult decision of choosing what to wear on your first date. This is a very important moment in any woman’s life as you need to impress but also to feel comfortable in your own skin!

So you have been chatting to Alex since that day he messaged you on Badoo when you were nearby at the same mall and its finally time to meet in person. Badoo, for those who aren’t aware yet, is the biggest dating app in the world. The app has many features that help you connect with other people, such as the People Nearby feature or Bumped Into, which show you all the users in your area and also with who you bumped into and when.

The time has arrived, the date has been confirmed and it’s now time to get ready.

IMG_E7840 - Copy
Definitely my first advice would be wear something comfy but in the same time also sexy. Mix of that two would be perfect. You need to wear comfortable clothes so you can give all your attention to your partner and not bored yourself with tight clothes where everything is falling apart, you don’t want to look desperate.

IMG_E7838 IMG_E7846
Second sexy is important you are not going to coffee with your friend you are going on a date! So a nice dress that fits you , one color or some soft print will be perfect for you.

If you are not lover of dresses and sexy items you can definitely choose something more casual like maybe pants and oversized sweaters. If you ask me this is one of my fav combos to wear, but on daily basis for dates. It is really important that you choose outfits that fit you and time off-course , so something like this is perfect for day date.
You will feel powerful, cute, hot and smart !

IMG_E7843 IMG_E7842 IMG_E7841
Also there is ‘’smart casual look” it is perfect if you want to show to your partner that you are serous independent woman who knows what she want in her life Classic shirt with skirt and some details , like colorful sandals or bag would be perfect match for you .
You are a business women, so why not show him from the start who you are. If he likes you, that is awesome, if not, then his loss!

IMG_E7840 IMG_E7839
Or if you don’t want anything of the above, If you don’t have anything in your plan or any new items; If you don’t have time for shopping, all your favorite pieces are in the laundry then I have a perfect back up plan. ‘Go back to the good Black combo!
All black combos, like pants and shirt are always good option with good details like, printed bag, big jewelry, big heels and glasses. This way you will look elegant and classy .

IMG_E7845 IMG_E7844
So ladies let me know which combo suits you the best…
What is your best option to wear on a date night?
Love Sabsi

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