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Hi guys , so yeah I know I didn’t post anything for such a long time but I am here to update you with everything that happen in last two months. I will start with our trip to Dubai.

Dino and I decided to visit Dubai in last couple of days before travelling because our trip to Thailand was cancelled so we decide what the hell, why we wouldn’t visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world and of course it was Dubai.

We have spent the most amazing 14 days there, we met amazing people, we ate most delicious food in some of the most luxurious restaurants in world like Armani restaurant in Burj Khalifa, but we also enjoyed in traditional Arabic food. We have visited place that we will never forget, like desert safari, miracle and butterfly garden, 124th floor of Burj Khalifa and many other.

If you are thinking what city you want to visit this year I will definitely recommend Dubai.

To see our full experience check out my English YouTube channel, you have a lot of vlogs there SabrinaTubic2

And here are some of the moments that I want to share with you.


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