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Bali trip part V -The Ubud Village Resort and Spa


Hi guys, so two days ago  I’ve arrived   in    THE UBUD VILLAGE RESORT AND SPA. The best thing I ever saw is the little picture with massage ”WELCOME SABRINA TUBIC to your private villa” .They want to show you how much they care about you. We’ve got private villa with pool and the best view ever on rice field. The view is just breathtaking. The property is really big ,huge 5,5 hectare .About the food ,we take all Indonesian food to try out , well I need to say that I really enjoy in every bite,It is relay delicious .

Check out my pictures from this villa, and video will be soon live =) . Also Thank youhttps://www.instagram.com/theasia.collective/ for bringing me here .Until next time ,have a good day guys. =) Love you all.

p.s. More pic about this trip you can check out on my INSTAGRAM AND  FACEBOOK.

Also on this trip I wear Luxury for princess hair extensions, use discount code ” sabsi” on your order. http://luxuryforprincess.com/

Thank you all for following my trip to Bali . I arrived home today , and now I need to rest from this vacation hhaha =) There will be more posts from Bali soon , but all outfit posts that I didn’t have time to share yet.  =) Can’t wait to show you .

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