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Bali trip part I -Wapa di Ume


Hi guys, so yesterday I’ve arrived on Bali , and I am checking out my first hotel from this blogger trip,WAPA DI UME . We’ve got private villa with pool and I like it a lot .The villa is very peaceful , perfect for vacation.The things that I like most are cleanness and such a beautiful interior. Modern design mixed with traditional . The people are very kind and they will provide you with anything you want. You have so many option what to do during the day, for example , today we visit Ubud city, check out waterfall , monkey forest and  local restaurant . You can spend really good time here. The property is so big and they have an amazing view on infinity pool and rise fields. Love this place so much , Check out my pictures from this villa, and video will be soon live =) .If you want to contact them then go check out their ig page you can get all info there https://www.instagram.com/wapadiume/ . Also Thank you https://www.instagram.com/theasia.collective/ for bringing me here .Until next time ,have a good day guys. =) Love you all.

p.s. More pic about this trip you can check out on my INSTAGRAM AND  FACEBOOK.

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